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Photo of Author - Bev Swanson Bev began her work as an elementary school teacher primarily in grade three. She also taught junior and senior high school.

Although she loved being with the kids and teaching them, she felt a strong calling to go into the field of counseling. Thus began her many years of training to be certified as a counselor.

Bev was certified as a Pastoral Counseling Specialist in 1998 with the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education. (PCE Specialist/CAPPE)

She had previously achieved an advanced level in the same organization in the field of pastoral care. (CPE Advanced Level/CAPPE)

For many years Bev has contracted as a therapist to folks of all ages in individual, family and marriage counseling. Although Bev counsels people from many walks of life through many different issues, she has a unique interest and expertise in journeying with folks who are grieving.

Her interest in the grieving process was born through her own grieving experiences. Bev is no stranger to the grieving process as she has experienced loss in many different ways.

She lost a child in the womb through miscarriage and has a special needs son born with Down Syndrome (which is a loss of its own). She has also experienced deep loss through the death of her daughter. Along with these losses she has experienced the losses of other dear relatives and friends.

Her personal journey with grief and the healing process has given Bev a unique viewpoint for gently guiding others in their grieving process.

This is enhanced by the shared journeys of those she counsels as well as her grieving friends. Bev served as a hospital chaplain in her residency and other training where she was met with many types of grief and loss. It is from this place that she shares in her writing and her work.

Along with her work with grieving clients in her practice, Bev set up a website for grieving people and sends out monthly grief connection letter to hundreds of grieving people free of charge. This can be accessed through her sites: www.copewithgrieving.com and www.grievingpoems.com

Bev continues to write in the area of grieving and sells both of her recent books on line as e-books. She is currently working on a book on miscarriage, which will be out in afew months. At that time, this new book will be announced in her monthly grief connection letter.

Along with her work with grief, Bev teaches as an adjunct faculty at a college in the area of counseling and psychology. She has taught and supervised "Stephen Ministries" as well as worked with youth within the church.

Bev has worked many years with men and women dealing with family violence. Most of this time was spent as a co-therapist for a men's group as well as working with individuals and couples in counseling. She has facilitated many different types of groups. She especially enjoys facilitating groups.

Bev has just completed the course work to become a Diaconal Minister within the Lutheran Church where she will continue her work with people dealing with pain and loss.

Bev plans to move into spiritual direction in the near future.

Additionally, she plans to expand her ministry to grieving people by being open to accepting more frequent public speaking engagements, as well as leading workshops in the area of grieving.

Please contact Bev to make arrangements or for more information. (Her email address can be found in each issue of the free monthly grief connection letter.)

On a more personal note, Bev loves to spend time with her family. She simply loves her dual role as a parent to their special needs son and their adopted daughter. Their favorite family activity is camping.

Bev is caring, soulful and present in her ministry. As she says in the forward of her book...she hopes her writing and ministry will be a comfort, company and hope to people, who are grieving in such difficult times.

She wants to help people to be present to their grieving process so that they can heal and find a way to dance...in amongst their losses.

People who know Bev find her to be down to earth, authentic and easy to be with. She loves the outdoors, camping, music, sports and people. Her faith in God is at the centre of her being and it is from there that she chooses to minister and live.

It is her deepest desire that people around her know that they are loved and that there is a hope and a future in their lives even midst deep loss.

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(Bev's email address can be found in any copy of her free monthly grief connection letter)

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