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In Memory of Halee Gerke by Amanda

Hello, my name is Amanda. I am 23 years old, I lost my little sister,
Halee on October 18, 2004 (which is a date I probably would never

I was working in the mall by my house at a Calendar
Club. I think it was a Tuesday. It was a slow morning that morning.
I felt something was wrong at home. I tried calling my house, but the
phones were always busy. I tried calling my Dad's cell phone, because
I didn't know why but it was busy. (my parents have been separated
for almost 15 years.) I figured something must have happened to my
dad, and my mother must be trying to reach me, so I left the phone

The whole time I kept on thinking of something being wrong with my
dad. But deep down inside I knew it was my sister and I didn't want
to think of it being her.

No one told me what happened to my sister even after I called home.
All my mother said was our neighbour was going to pick me up (she was
a close friend to our family.) When work was over, Linda, the girl
friend picked me up. We were walking out of the mall. She looked at
me and said, "I got some bad news, kid," Right then, and there I
knew it was my sister. She didn't have to say anything else to me.

I called my church as we were headed to my house, and then I called my
mentor. Her husband did my sisters funeral. He's a pastor from my
church. Both my mom, and step dad liked Cheryl. They hadn't even
met her husband Ralph, but they said I could pick the pastor I wanted.
That made me feel special.

My sister died when she got to the hospital, so I didn't get to see
her until her 'wake.'

In case you were wondering she had down syndrome, and a heart problem.
Her heart had enlarged so that's how she died.

I'm not exactly sure if it was a Tuesday, or a
Monday, but she did pass on October 18,2004.

My little sister, Halee Gerke, was eleven, almost twelve when she
died. She was also full time on oxygen since the age of three
practically. The doctors only gave her six years to live, but she but
she beat most of their opinions living almost twelve years.

Halee was very bright,. She knew exactly what was going on around her,
and she loved everyone, and everything. She made friends where-ever
she went. Her favourite place in the whole world was being with her
family, and second favourite was Disneyland.

And....she will continue to live, forever with our Father in Heaven.

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