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"...I never knew someone could write with so much understanding and compassion.  Much of what she expressed, mirrored so much of what I was dealing with...I am truly blessed."
- Patricia Paulson, lost her soul-mate two years ago to cancer

Have you lost someone so close that the bottom seems to have fallen out of your world?

Do you find yourself tossed into a very deep and wide ocean of grief with no dry land in sight?

Have you noticed that the waves of grief sometimes threaten to drown you in your tears?

Do you just want some comfort, company and some ways to cope with your grief?

This book of the heart shares a personal grieving story.  In this book the author shares her experience as she and her husband grieved the loss of their young daughter.

She shares openly and honestly of their experiences.  She speaks to ways of coping with grief and brings some hope to what can seem like such a hopeless experience.

Her experience as both a counselor and a parent gives her writing both a personal and professional edge.  The author has also experienced the losses that come with having a special needs son as well the loss of a child in the womb.  

Death and loss are no strangers to her.

This book describes the deep ocean of grief that may seem impossible to survive from...yet you can find healing also if you remain open to it.

Photo of Author - Bev Swanson

"This was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. I never dreamed I could have healed as I have."

"It was even more amazing to me that new life could come out of so deep a pain in amongst the void of such deep loss.   For this I am ever grateful."

"It is my hope that you will find some hope, comfort and company for your ocean of grief in amongst the pages of this book and our story."

           Bev Swanson

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