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In Memory of Mitsu by Bob Kiester

My Story
By: Bob Kiester

2 July 2007

(This is my story in answer to an important letter received today)

I received your letter today, so will answer this evening to let you know what
is going on in my life now.

Bobby's suggestion for me to seek a grief counselor earlier this year, was the
best thing that I could have done. Rose (Francisco) Erickson is the grief
counselor at the Red Mountain Senior Center here in Mesa, does her work well.

After each session, we would sit at a table in the dining room with other
members and have lunch together. The counseling sessions were every Friday at
0930a.m. and lasts an hour. We would then go in to the dining room where
Darrel Erickson and others has a table for all of us, total of 8 people.

I did not know that the center provided entertainment for everyone awaiting
lunch, which most time started at 1130. Listening to music really made me feel
so good inside. Being with people in the same situation, was start of the end
of the grieving process.

I started going into the Internet to gain information that would let us know
what we could expect. There is a wealth of information about the grieving
process. I would read the many pages of information then print it out on the
printer and make copies to give to the attending members.

A lady by the name of Evelyn Stringham sat at our table one day. She is a
singer with the Adobe Players. A Japanese lady Toshie Mastedz sings songs in
English and Japanese. As I play the harmonica, I had mentioned to Darrell that
it would be nice if we could play duets together.

Evelyn was ready to sign me up to play harmonica, as the person they had, was
no longer with them. I told them it was too soon for me. I had always wanted
to have a chromatic harmonica, the best of the harmonica family and sounds
more like an organ.

Prior to buying, a couple of years ago I mentioned to Bobby that I would like
to have a harmonica for a Christmas present, and he bought me a Marine Band
small good sounding harmonica. I began playing 3 songs for bible study with
Emma and Lee Roy Buchanan, who lives on the north side near the corner of
Flower Avenue.

I started playing it and the beautiful sound gave me the encouragement to play
it for others to hear. I joined the Adobe Players and so far played in 2

The show consisted of the line dancers, male and female singers, story telling
by Elaine Dalton about her mother was and is wonderful. She sang for the1st
time in the Mother's Day Show in May, along with acting by others, belly
dancing and tap dancing by a tall, slim, attractive lady who made everyone pay
attention to her, as she can kick higher than her head.

Our next show will be for Labor Day in September. We will start rehearsals in

After a few months, my grieving for Mitsu ended. She and Tsugiko are in the
back of my mind together now. I know that music is soothing to the soul, and
can help those suffering from loss of a loved one. For that or for various
other reasons, music is now my purpose, my calling.

I'm planning to play music I know from the 1900's. Back then music told
stories of love, happiness, and heartfelt meaning.

I never learned how to read music, and have been playing harmonica since I was
14 years old. All the songs are in my memory, and I know most of them and can
play them. All I need is a few lines of a song by lyrics, and I use the
computer to provide the lyrics which sometime plays music with them, which in
most cases I still remember.

My inner spirit bring back these songs to me. I have a complete recording
system now and I plan to play Christian music, Christmas music, plus many
other kinds i.e. Western, Popular. etc. Once I hear a song, play it a while, I
know how to play it, record it, make CD's.

It is my hope that I can continue attending grief counseling sessions by
providing not only information about the grieving process, but to offer
personal testimony which helped me to finish my grieving process. Things
like laughing, crying with others, helping them to tell what they are feeling
inside are important steps for them to finish the grieving process.

When God made man, he did not want him to live alone, therefore created
woman to share life with him, to bear children in their likeness. I do not like
living alone. I pray to God to provide a woman for me to share the rest of my
life with, to share my music, to provide the confidence I need and have joy
and happiness together, for both of us.

God is love. He wants all of us to share his love with others. I have many
things I must learn now to make my dream of playing, recording, and making
cd's "Healing Harmonica".

That Beverly Swanson, author, and who lives in Canada, provides grieving
newsletters to me every month. She also provides them to others as well. I
in-turn make copies to give to members in our group as well as others who come
to Senior Center.

I know the answer to the question I have asked myself, "Why am I still here?".
The answer is because God wants me to be here. He gave me "My Calling" to
help others who need it, by providing CD music to them at no cost to them.

God loves all kinds of music. I can and will provide music for him. God
blesses everyone, who seeks him.

This is the end of my story.

by Bob Kiester,
(new name, Mr Music)
CD's "Healing Harmonica"

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