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In Memory of Loraine by Bob Long

This is a story about Loraine, the dear wife of Bob Long whom he
misses dearly and still refers to as, "Loraine with one r". Here
is his story of connection with her. With his permission and in
his words, the following paragraphs are taken from his e-mails to

You might notice that Loraine's name has only one r. So the joke
all her life was, "This is Loraine with one r." She loved it, so
now when I talk to her, I always say,
"Hello, Loraine with one r."

Last week while moving the freezer into the kitchen, I slipped
and fell into a glass kitchen table that we have had for 16
years. It was a nice table with gold trim and four gold chairs.

The glass top broke in to many pieces so I was with out a table.
I must tell you that I don't like garage sales or thrift stores
and never go to them.

Fast forward to Sunday...I'm on my way out of the church drive
way when something told me to go to a thrift store about 3 miles
down the street from my way home.

I didn't want to go but I did. I got there, went in, walked to
the back and there sat a kitchen table with gold trim and no

Nobody can tell me that my dear Loraine didn't sent me a message
to go to that thrift store. It made me know that she is still
looking over me and will until we are together again in heaven.

I now know "THAT ALL IS WELL".

Thank You and God Bless,
Bob Long

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