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In Memory of Nicholas L. Modisette by Debby

In Loving Memory of
Nicholas L. Modisette
1/12/78 - 3/1/03

Today is the day,
you would have been 28.
I love you and I miss you,
as you've gone through heavenís gate.
I still have a hard time believing,
and/or accepting in my heart that youíre gone.
It seems like just yesterday,
you were my newborn son.
My heartache is a physical pain
because I miss you so much.
I feel such an empty void,
deep in my stomach.
You had so much energy and you were full of life.
It's really hard for me to let you go in that tiny second...it took you to die.
We grew up together and always had a tight bond.
I never thought I would lose you, or feel you in a song.
I think my pain will lessen as I know it is supposed to,
but I don't see it happening for many years to come.
For I can only handle small spurts of grief at a time.
It is way too much, too painful so I keep my body numb.
Today I miss you on your Birthday.
Looking back on your life and through the tears...
I do smile.
I love you and miss you!


(by Debby Sepulveda)

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