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In Memory of Hugh Leslie Tipton submitted by Deborah

Dear Friends,

We are gathered here today to say farewell to our friend, Hugh Leslie

How does one take the true measure of a man's life? Would we use the
yardstick of money? of fame? Of material possessions? Or is it perhaps a
better measure the number of dear friends and grateful memories he leaves

Brother Tipton was a gentle soul, kind, softspoken, always ready to
defend the downtrodden. His shy smile and quick sense of humor also
endeared him to those who knew him.

As a brother, son, step father, and husband, Les Tipton was the model of
loyalty and devotion. And as a member of the church, he was sincere and
always striving to draw nearer to his Heavenly Father.

Some of you may know of the struggles and obstacles Les had to overcome
in his life. While at one time his life was ruled by alcohol consumption
and the attendant lifestyle, Les bravely confronted this troublesome
problem and worked hard at changing his lifestyle. Eventually he was able
to overcome this difficulty and reach and maintain total sobriety.

Other challenges presented themselves as he progressed on his spiritual
journey--- things like depression, loneliness, and problems at work---
but our Hugh Leslie bravely fought them all, and in the end, was

Perhaps the most difficult thing any man can do is to really change his
mind. Those who knew Les, know how he restructured his thinking to the
point where he was able to be positive and cheerful and to have a deep
sense of gratitude in his heart for each and every blessing that came his

He honed his sense of humor to razor sharpness, and over time became
generous and willing as he gave generously of his time and resources to
others. His quick wit and gentle nature endeared him to us all.

Les was the most devoted husband, deeply in love with and loved by his
wife, Deborah. While their earthly marriage may have been short in years,
it was long on kindness and caring and deep devotion. This couple enjoyed
a closeness and harmony in their marriage that only a few fortunate
people ever experience. And thanks to Les' decision to be baptised, they
will now be able to be sealed for all eternity -- theirs is truly a love
that will never die!

Perhaps the greatest challenge that ever faced Brother Tipton was the
sudden discovery of his cancer. It seemed to come at the worst time, too.
He had just gotten a promotion and raise at work, and had made the
decision to be baptised, and life was truly good. Literally from one day
to the next, this all changed as he was stricken by sudden signs of what
turned out to be advanced cancer of the brain and lung.

Les and Deborah adopted as their motto "fight the good fight" and
determined to use every remaining moment together to fortify themselves
spiritually and in every other way. They often referred to themselves as
"Team Tipton", a name which reflects their sense of unity and

Perhaps the greatest obstacle ever to face Leslie was the cancer itself.
But even here he was victorious. For while the cancer eventually took
Les' life, that was all it could take--- his heart and soul were secure
in the love of their Heavenly Father.

Even throughout the grinding ordeal of cancer, radiation, sickness, and
so on, Les never complained and was an example to us all of a man whose
priorities are where they should be. His constant prayer was that he
could "learn more of thee", and Heavenly Father blessed him abundantly in
this righteous desire.

We will truly and deeply miss our dear brother, Les Tipton. But the
memory of his courage and devotion will remain a testimony to his
splendid life.

May the memory of this gentle and loving man always remain with us, so
that when we stand in judgement, we too shall hear our loving Father say
"well done, thy good and faithful servant"

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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