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In Memory of Betty J. Smith by Diane Christopher

A Poem and then What Alzheimers Disease Is Really Like
By: Diane Christopher

This poem is dedicated to my Beautiful Mother, Betty J. Smith. She was a
resident at a Nursing Facility in Williamsville, New York. Her memory was
taken from her, her dignity stolen from her, her entire world as she once
knew it changed forever in the mere "Blink of an Eye." A "Thief" by the
name of "Alzheimers" moved in to stay. May God continue to bless all those
afflicted with this destructive and debilitating disease.

With Everlasting love and Eternal Devotion,

"I May Never Have That Chance Again"

Please Dear Heavenly Father
I come to you in urgent prayer
Please let me tell her I love her
Please let me tell her I care
I may never have that chance again.

Please Dear Heavenly Father
Let me hold her in my arms once more
Let me gently caress her angelic face
Before God opens Heavens Door
I may never have that chance again.

Please Dear Heavenly Father
Let me whisper in her ear
Let me hold her hand and kiss her cheek
And chase away all sorrow and fear
I may never have that chance again.

Please Dear Heavenly Father
Let me reach out to people everywhere
And show them love and give them love
Each and every day throughout the year
I may never have that chance again.

Written: 4/19/2005
Mom passed away on April 22, 2006.
Diane L. Christopher

Alzheimers Disease...What's It Really Like?

I would like to dedicate this in Honor of my Beloved Mother, diagnosed
with Alzheimers Disease, who passed away last April 22, 2007. Just
exactly how many people are familiar with this horrible disease? Some may
say they have never heard of it. Others may say it's "hardening of the
arteries." Some may even say it's just old age "creeping in." But, the
real truth of the matter is, it's the most debilitating, demoralizing,
destructive, and devastating disease within existence.

Does anyone really know what a person with this disease goes through?

How they spend their hours, their days, their nights, their very
existence? Just once, we should try and view the world through their
eyes. Just once, we should walk the path they walk. And just once, we
should be told we can no longer live on our own. That we are incapable of
taking proper care of ourselves.

The trouble is everyone is too busy and too caught up in their own daily
lives to feel the pain, the anguish, the fears and tears of a person with
this disease . "There but by the Grace of God go I." Please take a
moment to just think about it, as this world they now exist in is very
confusing, dark, lonely and at times, almost completely void of reality as
we know it. To a person with this disease the world can be a pretty
frightening place. A clouded, distorted view of life free of warmth, free
of past comforts, and even at times free of love because of lack of

What have we brought into this world? Nothing! What can we take out of
this world when we leave it? Nothing! Just once try to put yourselves
in their place. Try once to experience first hand the frustration, the
emptiness, and the heartache that that fills their day each and every day.

When was the last time you had to have someone feed you, or the last time
you had to have someone dress you, or bathe you? Or comb your hair , or
for that matter, brush your teeth? This is merely the beginning as the
real heartbreaker is when they can no longer walk or talk, or even swallow
their food. Sound horrifying? It is!! Once again, "There but by the
Grace of God go I."

Please try and think long and hard. Please try thinking with your hearts
and not your schedules. Please try to take out one hour a week, one hour
every two weeks, or possibly just one hour a month. Go and visit a
Facility where residents with Alzheimers Disease reside. There is no
cost..it's free. The only thing is it may possibly cost you is a smile, a
hug, or a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Perhaps just a listening ear,
or a tender loving and caring heart. The rewards reaped will be

Remember 911? Who could ever forget? But, as the days passed, people
seemed to do exactly that. We all returned to our old lives, our old
ways of living and our busy schedules. Please don't let this happen
here. The time is here and now. Please give of yourselves, your
understanding, your love, your time, and put a smile back upon one face,
put back a song within one heart and maybe even wipe away one tear or two
from a pair of tired eyes. You will be so very much the richer. But most
of all, you will fill someone else's life with warmth and make a
difference in someone's life that otherwise was quite cold and empty.

May God continue to bless them and you.

Maybe this will help if even in a small way...it is my contribution to all
those out there suffering from this disease. And to all the loved ones
and friends who are caregivers.

Diane L. Christopher

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