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In Memory of Ruth E. Magee by Donna Owens

In Memory of Ruth E. (Ruthie) Magee
August 22, 1940 - May 19, 2005

Dear Friend,

My life was ever changed when I met you and now my life is ever
changed because youíre gone.

During our breakfast conversations over the last several years,
we talked about everything; I donít think there was a topic we
missed. And we agreed that we could disagree and still be
friends. You always listened to what I had to say. From politics
to family, our fears, religious beliefs, the ups and downs in our
lives, work and of course - FOOTBALL! We covered it all, didnít
we Ruthie? Since you left us last week, I keep hearing you talk
to me. Thereís much left that you had to say, but Ruthie, I need
you to be still for just a minute and listen. Do you remember
just one week ago today how excited the two of us got as we
talked about the football pre-season beginning in a couple of
months? How am I going to manage watching football without you
there to harass or vice versa? Promise me one thing, donít you
pull too many strings up there so the Seahawks win - remember,
the Packers need some help too!

I want so badly to sit and talk with you, I want my phone to ring
and you be on the other end, I want to hear your voice on my
answering machine...but all I hear is the silence. I donít like
this Ruthie, itís too soon and too sudden.

I can still see your smiling face and hear your laughter...now
itís my turn, I have some questions for you.

- Whereíd you go
- Why did you leave so soon?
- Are you happy?
- Are you at peace?
- Do they have teachers where you are?
- Whatís it like up there?
- What time do you get up?
- Are you still listening to OíReilly on the radio?
- Read any good books lately?
- Whereís your coat?
- Is the food good?
- What did you eat today and was it cooked right?
- Are you busy these days?
- Do they play "Danny Boy" or "After the Loviní" for you?
- Have you seen mom yet? Howís she doing?

Ruthie, what I wouldnít give to have you right beside me, asking
all the questions your heart desires - what I wouldnít give, just
one more time!

You never stopped teaching - you taught me well my friend.
Teaching was one of your greatest passions in life. I think we
all learned from you. You didnít know this because I didnít get
the time to tell you but Ruthie, you were a loving and spiritual
mentor to me...but somehow I think you know this now.

I look around and I see faces of all the people whose lives
youíve touched. I remember you once told me you didnít think you
wanted a service when you passed away, you said "not many people
would probably come". Well my friend, take a look around! Weíre
here in your honor, paying our respects to someone we love.
Ruthie we all miss you and Jim said to say "hello".

You blessed my life and my world with your kindness, your caring
and your generosity. You left an impression on everyone you met.
The impressions you left on me will last a lifetime. Iíll
remember you always, Iíll miss you always and I love
you...Ruthie, until we meet again, save a seat for me, weíll have
tons to catch up on. One last quote from the immortal Ruthie
Magee..."life goes on"...

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